The Proper Way to Secure a Shedlock

If you have a garden shed for storing heavy tools such as lawnmowers, drills, and chainsaws, you might not want to overlook securing your garden shed even though it doesn’t compare to your home. Sheds are often made out of wood and can be easily damaged with an ax. However, most thieves don’t really resort to force entry as loud noises are involved, so they often go searching for vulnerable entries like your shed locks. But if you’re guilty in not locking your shed at all, it’s about time you do.

Shed locks can downgrade in quality especially if you live in areas where there are high humidity levels and rain falls. Cheap locks like padlocks, door handles, and also, electronic locks attached to the shed door can be easily damaged which makes it quite easy to broken through. Not only do they rust, but cheaper locks freeze faster if you live in areas with winter seasons.

However, you don’t necessarily have to buy the same high-security locks for your shed like your front door, there are locks designed to keep your shed protected, as well as shed improvements that add to next level security. Assuming that your shed is built with solid wood, using a high-quality hasp is one of the many locks great for sheds. Hasps cannot be cut with bolt cutters and can be efficient if security bolts are used to attach the hasp against the shed door in a firm fashion.

There are other ways to improve your shed’s security such as getting a much sturdier door, investing in deadbolts, cylinder locks, or combination locks. But like any other lock, always have a spare key. If you don’t already, visit a key duplication service or get immediate information from


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